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How To Be A Trained Scout Leader

  1. Create An Online Scout Training Account
    1. http://myscouting.scouting.org
    2. Create an account.
    3. Fill out the profile completely and accurately.
    4. You don’t have an identification number yet – leave it blank.  You can fill it in later when you get one.
    5. Some or all of the training courses that you will need to be a fully trained leader are available online at this web site, by clicking on “E-Learning” under “Training”.
    6. Complete the “Youth Protection” training.
      1. Make sure that you are logged in to your account.
      2. They are all the same (except for the Venture Youth Protection Training).
      3. Print a copy of the certificate of completion (to PDF if you know how).
      4. You have to do this every two years to stay registered!
  2. Register As An Adult Leader With BSA
    1. One form is used for all adult leader positions.
      1. Available online at Scouting.org in English and Spanish .
      2. Available in hard-copy at scout office and elsewhere.
    2. Original is multi-part, but if using an online form, only need:
      1. Local Council Copy
      2. Disclosure/Authorization Form
    3. Fill them out completely.
    4. Stake leaders and presidency members should register as a committee member (MC) of their home pack/troop/team/crew unless they have a specific position. Position codes are listed in the form at the web address above.
    5. Three signatures needed:
      1. Yours.
      2. Appropriate ward committee chair (pack/troop/team/crew).
      3. Chartered organization head or representative (your bishop or possibly counselor).
    6. LDS leaders do not need to pay registration fee (the stake will be billed for this).
    7. Submit both forms with your Youth Protection training certificate to the scout office (this is how the local council knows that you have had Youth Protection):
      1. Walk it in
      2. Mail it in
      3. Fax it in
      4. E-mail it in (you can send it to Rick@TheBarnesHome.com and it will get sent in).
    8. Your membership card will arrive in the mail, with your identification number
    9. Go update your online scout training account profile with your identification number (this is how the national council knows that you have had Youth Protection)
    10. Make sure that whoever does your unit recharter each year knows that you are a leader, or they will drop you off the roster – you have to be a part of the recharter every year, or you will need to register again with the scout office (stake leaders often get dropped)
  3. Required Training Courses
    1. Youth Protection (online) – Venture course is different, all others are the same.
    2. Fast Start (online) – Specific to the organization that you are in (only need to do one):
      1. Den Leader
      2. Cubmaster
      3. Pack Committee
      4. Boy Scout
      5. Varsity
      6. Venturing
      7. Unit Commissioner (rare)
      8. Scout Parents Unit Coordinator (rare)
    3. This is Scouting (online) – It’s the same for everyone
    4. Position-Specific Training (online) – Specific to the position that you are in (only need to do one):
      1. Tiger Cub (none in LDS units)
      2. Wolf Cub (8 year old)
      3. Bear Cub (9 year old)
      4. Webelos (10 year old)
      5. Cub Master
      6. Pack Trainer
      7. Pack Committee (stake and ward primary presidencies)
      8. Troop Committee Challenge (stake and ward YM leaders)
      9. Staffing the District Committee (very rarely)
      10. Everything up to this point is completely available online and for free!
      11. Scoutmaster Leader Specific (in person – Little Philmont [free], or provided by district), or
      12. Varsity Leader Specific (in person – Little Philmont [free], not otherwise available), or
      13. Venturing Leader Specific (in person – Little Philmont [free], or provided by district or council), and
      14. Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (in person – one weekend [reimbursable]).

Congratulations – You are fully trained and you never need do it again (except youth protection)!

Optional Training Courses (But Strongly Encouraged)

  • Wood Badge – In person, two big weekends (reimbursable), highly recommended (read as “expected”) for YM leaders, recommended for Primary/Cub Scout leaders (read as “not expected”).  Sign up through the council. The stake usually advertises this, if you are “listening”.
  • Other Courses (online) – All very worthwhile – Do them all as time permits:
    • Physical Wellness
    • Safe Swim Defense
    • Safety Afloat
    • Climb on Safely
    • Trek Safely
    • Weather Hazards

More Training

    • Roundtable – Every month (except June, July, maybe December, and February or March – confused?) free and in person.
    • University of Scouting – Lots of courses offered, in person (not reimbursable).
    • Manuals, aids, helps available through the scout shop at the scout office (not reimbursable).
    • Manuals available through the church.

But Are You Really Trained?

Not a chance! Spend a lifetime learning!

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