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East Tennessee Flood Cleanup

Requesting Assistance

Crisis Cleanup Help Line: +1 (833) 556-2476

A Crisis Cleanup Help Line is in place for people who need help with muck-out, debris removal, and home cleanup from the recent flooding. The Crisis Cleanup Help Line is a toll-free call to 1-833-556-2476.  The number is staffed 24/7 and will be available through March 15, 2019. Callers should be ready to provide their name and contact information, and a brief description of their issue, to the relief agency representative who answers the Hot Line.  If a relief agency representative is not available, callers can leave a message with their contact information to receive a return call.

Crisis Cleanup connects disaster survivors with trusted relief agencies. You will be placed on a list that can be accessed by relief agencies, but your information will not be accessible to the public.  You can find additional information about Crisis Cleanup here:  www.crisiscleanup.org.  Registering with Crisis Cleanup does not guarantee help, but it will make your needs known to relief organizations providing assistance in our community, and representatives of those organizations will contact you directly if they are able to assist. This is the best way to get assistance with cleanup and damage that you are not able to address yourself.



Youth Permission Slip

Youth ages 14+ are welcome and encouraged to join us in providing service to our community. If they are serve along side a parent on their work crew, they do not need a signed permission slip. All unaccompanied youth must bring a signed permission slip and provide it to their crew chief before they will be permitted to join a crew and participate in the relief efforts.

Download Permission Slip

Suggested Equipment List

Please review the following equipment list before coming to join one of our work crews. If you have some of the items on the list, please bring them to use in the cleanup effort. Please do not feel like you need to run out and purchase equipment to join the relief effort. The church has donated “a small hardware store” of equipment to ensure that we have the needed tools to help our community.

If you have tools, bring them – they will help in the work. If not, bring yourself, family (14+), neighbors, and co-workers – helping hands are what we need the most.

Download Equipment List

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